This page is dedicated to helping you find what type of films you might fancy giving a watch. The titles below are based on situations, desire, and preferences which should give you some ideas of the “perfect” film to watch, ENJOY!

YOU WILL S*@T YOURSELF – Guaranteed to make you scream, jump and invest in a scobby doo night light, you have been warned…

HANGING / COME DOWN SOS (COMING SOON)- Just. help. me. *dying on the sofa* – These cinematic beauties will get you through it.

INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE – Unhinged, deranged and disturbed are some ways to discuss these individuals. You will be completely unnerved and engrossed until the bitter end.

INSPIRATION TO THE NATION (COMING SOON) – Truely inspiring films that will get you off the sofa & write a book, start a charity, chase your dreams, find a cure for the common cold, build a robot, believe in yourself!

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (COMING SOON) – Sharpen your pitchforks as its zombie killing time! Get geared up and ready to fight for your lives.